Dear friends 

Greetings from Frontier Services, Parkin Sturt Remote Area!!!

 The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved”. Mother Teresa 

2020 was a year for the entire world experienced the feeling of being in isolation. “Isolation” – it was a word not much used in our busy schedule before but the Covid-19 pandemic compel all to realise the fact that how sad it would be in social isolation. How mad to live inside four walls of our home for long, how sad to live the life with restrictions everywhere! How bad to live a life hiding our smiles inside the face masks!

Last week, I read the newspaper headline: “Covid Christmas bubbles and the safety of solitude”. We are asked to comply with the restrictions and to be inside the safety bubble physically, but don’t let ourselves be inside these bubbles mentally.

So, this Christmas and New Year season, even though with lots of differences from previous years, let us remember our friends who are affected Covid-19 pandemic and those who are going through in its impacts. Let us remember our friends who are grieving, friends who are affected financially and friends who are left alone in their life. Let us remember all of them for a moment and also let us remember our entire world for a moment.

Let us express our love each other better than before, even though there are restrictions to stay at home, even though we cannot cross our state borders, even though we cannot fly overseas, even though we cannot hug or kiss each other, even though we have to hide our smiles under our masks! Let us reach out to others in thoughts and prayers if possible with a helping hand! Together, let us fill our world with love, peace, joy and hope and let us keep it safe. No one feel isolated and unloved!

May you have wonderful & joyous Christmas and safe & peaceful New Year – 2021.

God’s richest blessings to you…

Sunny Kadaparambil    

Parkin Sturt Remote Area, Frontier Services



2021 HELPING HAND PROJECTS – Parkin Sturt Remote Area SA






Number of volunteers


Working days


Distance from

Port Augusta



Distance from




Job Description


26th to 31st March










158 kms


230 kms

Cleaning & Repair Swimming Pool, Cleaning Motel Premises,

Pavement Works, Carpentry jobs

Painting Doors and Windows



28th April to

03rd May



William Creek






580 kms


823 kms

Painting, Carpentry work,

Plumbing and Electrical

General Repair Work


25th to 30th











331 kms


638 kms



General Repair Works



19th to 22nd ??? August



William Creek

Bronco Branding event






580 kms

(via Maree)


823 kms


Cooking and Serving Meals to Bronco Branding Participants


Sunil (Sunny) Kadaparambil

Bush Chaplain, Parkin Sturt Remote area, Frontier Services UCA SA.

(PO Box 322) Quorn SA 5433. Mob: 0428 941 393.



PARKIN Sturt remote area bush chaplaincy

REMOTE AREA VISITS – yearly Planner 2021






3rd to 31st JanuaryQuorn, Hawker, Parachilna, Wilpena, Carrieton, Orroroo & Wilmington
1st to 5th FebruaryOff Days
6th to 28th FebruaryGawler Ranges – Iron Knob, Kimba, Wudinna
1st to 5th MarchOff Days
6th to 31st MarchBarrier Highway-Yunta, Mannahill, Olary, Cockburn, Peterborough

Terowie (SA Synod Work Party)

1st to 14th April14 DAYS – Annual Holidays (Part I)
17th to 26th AprilMannahill & Yunta (Anzac Service & Yunta Race)
28th April to 3rd MayWilliam Creek (SA Synod Work Party)
6th to 31st MayIron Knob, Nonning (Gymkhana), Kimba, Mt Ive, Wudinna,

Cowell (FS OBL Work Party)

1st to 5th JuneOff Days
6th to 30th JuneOodnadatta Track, Marla, Cadney Park, Glendambo, Pimba

Kingoonya ( SA Synod Work Party)

1st to 5th JulyOff days
6th to 31st JulyLeigh Creek, Copley, Arkaroola, Innamincka & Strzelecki Track, Cockburn (FS OBL Work party)
1st to 5th AugustOff Days
6th to 31st AugustMaree, William Creek (Bronco Branding) & Birdsville Track
1st to 5th SeptemberOff Days
6th September to

10th October

Lyndhurst, Copley, Arkaroola,

Nepabunna (FS OBL Work Party) 

18th to 31st October 14 DAYS – STUDY  LEAVE
1st to 21st November21 DAYS – Annual Holidays (Part II)  
22nd Nov to 24th DecBarrier Highway – Terowie, Yunta, Mannahill, Olary, Cockburn

Peterborough, Wilmington, Quorn, Hawker, Carrieton, Orroroo

Gawler ranges

24th to 31st DecemberOff Days

Rev Sunil (Sunny) Kadaparambil

Bush Chaplain, Parkin Sturt Remote Area                                                                                                      prepared on 23/12/2020